Become a CCcam Reseller

You can easily become a reseller company of card sharing. We will gladly provide you with a custom control panel that will enable you to control your clients. It is a profitable and inexpensive way of doing business. You will be given an opportunity to create unlimited clients with 99.99% uptime and a 90% automated system. A unique username and password will be given to you so you can have access to our CCcam service. With a dedicated VPS server, payment is made easy

With our reseller system you will feel that you manage your own server.

Create Your Own Cardsharing company with a Full Automated control panel

Selling CCcam Made Easy

You will be amazed at how easy everything is. We offer you a new system of reseller cardsharing where you will receive a special panel to manage all your customers quickly and easily with the best price on the market

You can choose a plan that suits you to add money to your reseller account balance.

Geant Pack-1 : €100
Geant Pack-2 : €200 —> €20 gift ( total : €220 )
Geant Pack-3 : €300 —> €30 gift ( total : €330 )
Geant Pack-4 : €400 —> €50 gift ( total : €450 )

Price Client Reseller :

  • 03 Months == 10 €
  • 06 Months == 15 €
  • 12 Months == 20 €

Complete Form To Become a CCcam Reseller

Package Price : *

100 Euro200 Euro + 20 Gift300 Euro + 30 Gift400 Euro + 50 Gift

Payment Methode *


How it Work ?

It’s very Simple, CCcam GeantSat give you the freedom to manage your company cccam as you want, and the panel are as prepaid account,

Your can create and unlimited number of clients, if we suppose you have 200€ on your balance account,
You are able to generate free trial CCcam for 24 hours for free .
once you create a subscription of (1 month) as a new customer, you will be debited automatically from your balance panel with 7 Euro. and able to manage the rest of amount for other client.

on each client you will get C-line how should be used only on one decoder , and we offer them to get better quality with full uptime and 100% satisfaction from client.
and you will get the line instantaly from the panel , able to disabled … , or extend the subscribe … , or change password …, or convert the protocole to MGcamd & CCcam.., and much other option…

you will be able to create sub-reseller ,and fix the price you want for your sub reseller , and offer him panel as yours

With our reseller system you will feel that you manage your own server.

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